Kinetix Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and a combat sport which focuses on grappling and ground fighting.  A relative of Judo and Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu encompasses aspects such as take downs, submissions, and joint locks.  It is widely held that BJJ is the most effective, practical, and comprehensive martial art for fighting and self-defense and has been increasingly implemented in military and police training.

Kinetix Combat Sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu operates under the prestigious BJJ Revolution Team, founded by the late Carlson Gracie Sr. Black Belts Julio Fernandez and Rodrigo Medeiros.

Kinetix Offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals class which is geared toward beginner students with the purpose of building a foundation of technique and understanding with which to move to advanced level training.  In Fundamentals class you can expect to learn basic techniques and positions at a comfortable pace and without sparring.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Advanced Training is a challenging class that includes learning more advanced techniques, drilling, and sparring.  This class is for intermediate to advanced students with the purpose of efficient skill and application development.

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Muay Thai Foundations Program

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Muay Thai at Kinetix Combat Sports

Kinetix Combat Sports & Fitness introduces Muay Thai Foundations.  The course is the Official Curriculum of The World Thai Boxing Association Under the direction of Khru Mark Shaw, Western New York's only certified Full Instructor under Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute and Affiliate Member of the World Thai Boxing Association.  

The Foundations Program introduces students to the culture, history, language, and fundamental techniques of the "Art of Eight Limbs" that is Muay Thai.  This program sets the foundation for advanced striking, promotional advancement, and developing a love and enthusiasm for training in the art of Muay Thai.  

Two programs are now being offered:  Youth classes, ages 10-15 and Adult classes.

Testimonials, Youth Muay Thai:

"Muay Thai has helped me get more exercise"

"Muay Thai has helped my self confidence, not only physically but mentally as well.  Muay Thai has also helped my endurance and strength."

"Muay Thai keeps me strong and confident about myself."

Tesimonials, Muay Thai adults:

"Muay Thai has given me strength, confidence, and focus."

"Muay Thai has given me mental strength as well as physical that carries into my personal and work life."

"The practice of Muay Thai has increased the levels of my endurance and discipline far beyond what I thought was possible."

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